Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bethany Bullet - September 15, 2015

Generous God…Unrequited Love

Generosity is part and parcel to God's nature and integral to God's identity.  He is a giving God!  The Father gives His Son, the Son gives His life and then the Spirit…the Spirit gives gifts to people and then gives those so gifted to the world that the world might receive the gift of God.

In his first letter to Timothy, St. Paul says, "Put your hope in the Living God, who generously provides us with all we need.  Be rich in good deeds therefore, generous and willing to share." 

While we are probably conditioned to think of generosity in our giving, Paul indicates that it begins with our living.  There is a wealth borne witness to in the portfolio of personal behavior (i.e. Good Works) for the first step in generosity is obeying God's ‘charter’ - "be rich in good deeds."  The culmination of generosity is in imitating God's character (i.e. Giving or Sharing Willingly).

- Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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