Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Bethany Bullet Sermon Message - Week of June 24, 2018


When Jesus spoke these words farming was an act of faith!  Seed was spread and prayers were said.  Today farming is a science (that is not to say farmers don’t pray) but at least first world farming in the modern age is based upon scientifically measured expectations.  No one simply slings a seed bag over their shoulder and spends the morning tossing.  Exact rows are plumbed, precise depth is calculated, precipitation (whether from the sky or irrigation system) is gauged.  Though farming has changed, Jesus point remains the same.  IN THE KINGDOM of GOD…the growth (and thus the glory) belongs to God alone! Yet the “farm work” is what we’ve been called to do!  God grows as His people sew. 

Ever been called scatter brained? The Lord has created us, as His church, to be scatter minded!  To give away His grace, to fling His forgiveness wide, to disperse His love and share His mercy freely; Trusting that God will provide the growth!   The ancient world farmer lets us know where we sew…wherever we are!   We moderns, unlike the parabolic planter, would probably say don’t waste your time on tossing were the weeds are, don’t waste your time in the “bird zone” or on rocky terrain.  Jesus’ point is clear…we never know what good soil looks like, we simply know what God’s seed is like…the news of undeserved grace, mercy for every sin, the offer to cheer on, lift up, come beside, love for the loveless and kindness towards one that might not return the same.  We sew and trust that God will grow the kingdom as He knows best!

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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