Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Bethany Bullet Sermon Message - Week of January 21, 2018

“You belong to me!” 

We, at Bethany, are familiar with the saying, “My stuff is not my stuff.”  We ought be familiar with the concept, “God’s stuff is God’s stuff.”  It doesn’t take a lot of Scriptural investigation to discover textual identification of the things that belong to God.

The Victory belongs to the Lord.
The Day is His.  The night for that matter too as the stars and moon are His.
The cattle on a thousand hills are His; and each sparrow that falls.
The highest heavens are His; and He holds the deep places of the earth in His hands.
The kingdom and eternity belong to Him; and holiness and righteousness are His.

God’s stuff is God’s stuff. 
And among the stuff of God, included in that infinite list of things that are His, is you!

You belong to Him.  On account of Jesus’ perfect life, His sacrificial offering, His innocent suffering, we are His.  God’s stuff is God’s stuff, including us! 

May that truth direct our living out our life in Christ.

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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