Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Bethany Bullet - Week of January 8, 2017

The term Epiphany means manifestation or revelation.  The Epiphany, in its narrowest sense, is the celebration of the Magi reaching the Christ child and His family and presenting their gifts.  Of course, the veneration of the Magi could only take place because of the Incarnation itself.  That the God of the universe, uncreated, self-existent, who is not dependant on anyone else ever chose to become man, in Christ, is a life affirming reality.  The truth that the eternal Word, without beginning and without ending, who spoke and all things came into being, was Himself formed in the womb of Mary for this purpose: that He might live a perfect life for us, then on account of our sin sacrifice His life to redeem our lives, in order that by believing in Him even though we die we might live – a life affirming truth indeed! 

Not happy with life, disappointed, disgruntled, distraught about life? 

Please know that God views you and your life as being of such worth that He would take a mortal’s life and offer it up so you might live.  Life is intrinsically sacred because it is God’s creation and in His own incarnation God dignifies our lives.  The real treasures of Epiphany are not gold, frankincense and myrrh but the life of Christ and new life through Christ.   

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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