Monday, November 23, 2015

The Bethany Bullet - Week of November 22, 2015

Jesus is a King

In pursuit of World Championship Royals fans followed a #TakeTheCrown.  We’ve been following one (at least if you follow me on twitter) #UnlikeAnyOther is King Jesus

Take the Crown; it is what Jesus was cheered on to do often in His life. That was how the ministry of Jesus began. After His baptism He went to the desert where the devil offered Jesus a deal, “bow down and worship me and all the kingdoms of the world shall be yours.”  Yet, Jesus refused for He would NOT take the crown the easy way – a deal with the devil.

Later on during His public ministry, after the only miracle of Jesus’ recorded in all 4 Gospels (save the resurrection) – when He fed 5000 people and they in turn sought to make Jesus King by force.  Yet Jesus however slipped through the crowd and disappeared, for he would not take the crown the revolutionary way – a coup d’état.

When before Pilate He was questioned about His royal status, “Tell me are you?”  “If my kingdom were of this world my servants would fight for my coronation.”  Jesus’ reply should that He would not take the crown the old fashion way – force of arms.

On the cross He would breathe His last, what appeared to be an utter defeat proved to be complete victory, that which looked like loss to tyranny was coronation to Royalty – the prince of this world stood condemned and the rule and reign of Jesus was validated!  He took the crown, not the easy way, not the revolutionary way, not the old fashion way – but the humble way, the servant way, the divine way.

While the crown is His, He bestows it on us and we in turn are called to TakeTheCrown.  You didn’t get it the easy way, the revolutionary way or old fashioned way, but the humble way – admitting you don’t deserve, haven’t earned it and could never merit it.  You’ve received it the servant way, Trust that He took your place.  You’ve received it the divine way – by the grace of God

So princes and princesses who shall reign with Christ the crown is yours – however – it’s not yours to keep but to take.  #TakeTheCrown – that is, bring the king to others through lives of humble service.  It is the divine way; our Lord’s way; feeding hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the lonely, praying for the enemy, suffering for righteousness sake, so that He who rules and reigns over and rules and reign in us - might rule and reign in all – and the pursuit beings as we Take The Crown.

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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