Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The Bethany Bullet - November 3, 2015

Generous God…Unending Gift

Dear fellow saints of Bethany,
(Keep reading…yes you!)

Even if the etymology (the source from which a term is derived) of the title saints escapes us (it is actually the word holy) we by nature tend not to number ourselves among the “saints.”  Saints, or so it is often thought, are those individuals who’ve done incredible things for the kingdom.  Most likely their efforts are catalogued in Biblical narrative or historical record; and through their work God has done wondrous things and many people have become familiar with their names.

However, while the etymology of the word “saint,” is the word “holy,” the source for saintliness is not personal action but divine declaration. 

Any and every, each and all, who trust in Christ have His holiness credited to them, and thus are declared by God to be the saints of God!  You are a saint.  (Yes you!)

Listen to this past Sunday’s pod-cast if you’d like to hear about how the saints of God can, “take heart” (that is remain restful and joyful, content and confident in Christ) while living in a world that so easily and regularly causes hearts to be troubled. Click HERE for Podcast webpage link or go to www.bethanylutheran.org.

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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