Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Bethany Bullet - October 27, 2015

Uncensored Word – Sola Scriptura

Luther’s Rose in 
Bethany Lutheran Church’s Narthex

The previous "Solas" have shown that as God's people we are free from sin's guilt and fear of the grave, the world's condemnations, and the devil's accusations because God is favorably disposed (that is good, kind, and loving) towards us for Christ's sake; and of this we are certain for He is ours and we are His.

The final Reformation Sola reminds us that as God’s free people we are nevertheless captive; captive to the Word of God for, "All Scripture is God-breathed and it teaches truth, rebukes rebellion, corrects mistakes and equips us to be the people He has called us to be." (II Tim.3:15-17)

Click HERE to watch a video of Luther's Here I Stand speech.

*If you are unable to open link, then copy/paste this into your browser to view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mW0XJajwWFk&feature=youtu.be 

As Lutheran Christians we don't merely celebrate this event annually, though we do that and did with wonderful gusto this past Sunday in worship; we seek to emulate this daily in our lives of faith. 

The clip we just watched showed how, in the days of the Reformation "history, tradition and clergy" were seen as equal to, if not greater than, Scripture as sources for the faith and life of Christians.  Luther for his part in saying, "popes and councils have erred (so often contradict each other)" was stating that Scripture alone was the source for what he, and all Christians should, believe and how we should behave.  Thus his conscience was "captive to the Word of a God."

So we too, as Reformation folk & Lutheran Christians, are people captive to the Word.  Thus, not only not popes but neither presidents (national or synodical) do we believe have final say on what we believe or how we behave but the Word alone.  So too not only not councils but neither the assembly of scholars nor voters are the source of our faith and life rather the Scriptures solely hold that authority.  As Reformation folk & Lutheran Christians we will continually seek to make sure our traditions (which we greatly appreciate), do not elevate to the level of Scripture.

For when it comes to faith and life, that is what we believe and how we will behave, like Luther said our consciences are captive to the Word or like children sing,

The B- I- B- L- E
Yes that's the book for me,
I stand ALONE on the Word of God, the BIBLE.

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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