Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bethany Bullet - February 18, 2014

The Fellowship Project

We are God’s fellow workers and His field!  As His field, Christ has worked for and in us.  Now, as God’s fellow workers, our Lord will work with and through us. In Bethany Blueprint language we call this a commitment to worshipping faithfully, forming spiritually, serving passionately, giving proportionately, and sharing intentionally. 

As God’s fellow worker commit worshipping faithfully; the Lord is committed to being here in His house.  He is committed to speaking to you through His Word, listening to you in prayer, accepting you as you are, receiving your praise and adoration, hearing your confession, and declaring to you His mercy and absolution.  In response His co-workers are to commit themselves fully to the Lord via faithful, regular worship.

As God’s fellow workers commit to forming spiritually; the Lord is committed to not allowing His Word to return empty or void but to do what He intended for it to do IN you!  While not every passage may speak to you as equally powerful as others, every passage is God’s self-revelation, each text of Scripture is His communication and He is committed to revealing Himself through the Word.  In response His co-workers are to commit to reading their Bible, attending a study or small group. 

As God’s fellow workers commit to serving passionately; the Lord is committed to working in our world and in your life through Word, Sacrament, and His servants.  In response His co-workers are to commit to being God’s hands and God’s voice in the home and office, in the ministry of the church or the daily doings and seeing those they serve as the Lord Himself. 

As God’s fellow workers commit to sharing intentionally; Christ is committed to being with us to the very end of the age, to sending His Spirit to give us words to speak, and to placing us on a hill to shine for Him. In response His co-workers are to commit to reflecting word and deed the love of the Lord.   

As God’s fellow workers commit to giving proportionately; Our Lord is committed to providing daily bread, to blessing us with what He knows we need and in response His co-workers are called to commit to bringing an offering into His house.  Commitment to a proportionate gift begins with the recognition that all we have is His.  It continues with the understanding that through returning a first fruit portion thereof we glorify God as a generous giver and bless His body through the funding of ministry.  

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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