Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bethany Bullet - May 13, 2014

Week 3: A Five Tool Christian – Open Ears

In baseball a “five-tool” player is one who has an arm that’s like a cannon, can run like a deer, has a glove that gets everything, and can hit for both power and average. Opening Day of the baseball season comes with hopes of a line-up filled with “five-tool” players. 

Easter is our Opening Day! 
V  Because the tomb was open so are the arms of God. 
V  Because the tomb was open so is the gate of heaven. 
V  Because the tomb was open so is a life of faith.

The life of faith both rests in and flows from an Open Heart
Read (or click on this link): John 20:24-30

The life of faith is equipped to see with Open Eyes
Read (or click on this link):  Luke 24

And the life of faith is fueled on nurtured by Open Ears
Read (or click on this link):  John 10

The Christ-fan is one who has heard and continues to listen to the Lord’s voice. God’s voice is heard primarily through:

1)      The Stat-Sheet (that is the conscience).  The log of what has happened; both errors committed and victories won.  Through the law that is written on our hearts and the Word that is planted in our souls, the Shepherd speaks. 

2)      Team mates (that is fellow believers).  Believe it or not the Shepherd speaks through fellow sheep.  Luther once called the mutual conversation and consolation of the brethren, sacramental.  That is when Christ-fans talk with one another about who He is, what He has done, who they are in Him, and what He has done for them it is as if God Himself is speaking to them.

3)      The Coaching Staff (that is pastors and parents, mentors and ministers of the Gospel). The entire Scripture is a testament to the testimony that God has placed people in places to speak the words He has placed in their mouths so that others might hear His voice.

4)      The Box-Score (that is the Scripture). It is an accurate and faithful record of what God has done.  It has pre-game insight as it proclaims what He intends to do in and through us and it has post-game foresight as it declares how all things will get wrapped up regardless of whether or not one likes the outcome.  

The reason the Box-Score (Scripture) is in the cleanup spot is that the other three are judged by it. 
·         If one’s conscience, comrades or clergy say something that contradicts the box score or is not in harmony with its teaching they are not to be listened to;
·         if on the other hand your morals, ministers or fellow members of the team say things that echo the box score and are in keeping with what the Scripture is declaring they are for you at that moment the mouthpieces of the Lord, so listen.

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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