Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Bethany Bullet - October 16, 2013

J.S. Bach penned the letters SDG on the bottom of each original manuscript of his compositions.  His impact upon the world of his day was so profound that he was called the fifth evangelist by Albert Schweitzer.  Imagine being considered so important to Christendom that a leading scholar would herald your value as being next in line to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; hence the fifth evangelist.  Yet, the SDG penned to each piece of his work did not stand for Super Duper Guy

Bach was so prolific in his work that at one stretch, lasting three years, he composed, arranged and preformed a new cantata WEEKLY!  You could say the Beatles and Elvis rolled into one!  People flocked from all over to hear him play, and heads of states sought his presences in their courts; yet SDG did not stand for Sure Does Groove.

Bach desired to acknowledge that God is due all the glory so he penned Solei Deo Gloria, SDG to each of his works.   Perhaps we ought to pen an SDG to each of our days; before we fall asleep to acknowledge that the days Successes were Divinely Given and to pray that tomorrows work would be a Service Deeded to God

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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