Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bethany Bullet - May 21, 2013

What a difference a day makes. On Sunday, the celebration of Pentecost, we saw what resulted with the “sound like the blowing of a violent wind that came from heaven.” It was the bestowing of the Spirit and the birth of the church. Of course, 24 hours later, we saw another violent wind blow resulting in death and destruction and the depositing of sorrow and loss.  Yet that same Spirit who came at Pentecost comes again through the loving care in action of the church, the people on whom the Spirit rests, to those who find themselves in times of sorrow and loss.   Those loving actions of care come in the form of prayers, financial gifts and hands-on actions.  -Pastor Kevin Kritzer

Lutheran Church Charities and the Northern Illinois District and Beyond Respond to Tornado Devastation in Moore, Oklahoma

Early reports of many fatalities, injuries, and severe damage are coming in from Moore, Oklahoma where a massive tornado cut a two-mile wide path through this town of 56,000 people.
The best ways to assist with devastation on this scale always takes time to sort out. At this time only approved emergency responders are permitted to enter Moore. No specifics have yet been shared on what needs to be done and the process through which help will be received. However, the most immediate need is cash assistance.
Lutheran Church Charities - working through the District President of the Northern Illinois District - will be collecting money to help Pastor Mark Muenchow from Messiah Lutheran Church in Oklahoma City minister to the families in the community who have suffered loss. All donations for this disaster...dollar for dollar...will be directed to the most pressing needs as determined by Messiah Lutheran.
We will continue to monitor the situation for additional help that they may need, stay in contact with our churches in Oklahoma, and share updates as they become available.
The LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs have received an invitation from Pastor Muenchow and Messiah Lutheran Church, and are on standby and will deploy to Oklahoma as early as tomorrow. We are waiting for word when it is safe to enter the area. Please keep all in your prayers.
LCC never charges those we serve and we rely on donors to help cover our expenses. Click here if you would like to help cover travel expenses for our K-9 Comfort Dog team.

How to Help

1.     Pray - for those who have lost loved ones, for those who lost property and belongings, for the Pastors, relief workers, volunteers, and all others serving those who have been displaced by the tornadoes. 
2.     Pray - Pray for Messiah Lutheran Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Thank you for Making A Difference in the name of Christ to those suffering loss.

Tim Hetzner
Lutheran Church Charities


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