Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bethany Bullet - April 16, 2013

Sunday we heard from the Revelation text (see 5:1-14) that the LAMB was the One who was worthy for us to Laud And Magnify Boldly.  He, the LAMB is the only One who holds and knows the future! “The Seal” refers not to an actual document but the forward movement of history, the future, and eternity itself.  John wept because, at first, no one was found who was worthy.  

·         Maybe you’ve wept on occasion because you didn’t know what is gonna happen next? 
·         Perhaps you’ve found yourself in despair or depression because the anticipation of an outcome is one that you’re not looking forward too? 
·         Have you ever at times fretted over the future, the direction of country, industry, humanity, or just one single member of your family?  

In the midst of tears, during season of weeping you have something to reveal, to speak of, to Laud And Magnify Boldly, that the future is well taken care of because it, as are you, is in the Lamb’s hands.

Ultimately the future is based upon the past.  “You are worthy to take the scroll and open it because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased people from God from every race and language and culture and country.” The Lamb who was slain is alive He has provided full redemption and He possesses all power!  

The future is certain because the past has secured it, His past action, being slain in our stead and then rising from the dead.  Christ’s life, death and resurrection has settled the future, and our destination therein. That same power will be exerted for us individually (at life’s end) and one day for all creation collectively (at the end of this present age) when He who has Redeemed us, brings us through death into eternal life, and one day when in His Power He returns; and nothing is left but to Laud And Magnify Boldly the Lamb without end. 
-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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