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The Bethany Bullet Sermon Message - Week of November 15, 2020




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The trio of parables in Matthew 25 resemble the earliest “reality” story telling format.  Hence the reason we’ve dubbed them: BC Bachelor, AD Apprentice and Undercover God.  Remember, parables are not reports of actual events but rather stories that are easily relatable and accessible because they bear the stamp of that which is real and practical and yet, parables have deeply profound eternal implications and call for significant spiritual action.


All three of the parables in Matthew 25 share this in common, the Lord’s return is pending.  Whether portrayed as a groom, master or king, the Lord is coming again!  Aside for the factual reality of His pending return, the parables relate this fact to us in order that we do not begin to pin our deepest hopes on that which is fading away!  Our deepest hopes reside not within a vaccine to end a global pandemic; though we do pray that such happens soon.  Our deepest hope resides within the promise that God has cured the ultimate illness of sin in Jesus who is coming again and in whose kingdom there are no ills of body, mind, heart or soul.  Our deepest hopes are not rooted in who will rule earthly kingdoms for a term(s); though as citizens of the state we have voted for our preferred candidates.  Our deepest hope is set on the firmest of foundations, we have a King who reigns supreme and whose kingdom will never fail!


The specific parable of the “talents” or AD Apprentice as we’ve called it has the point of assuring us that Our Master (the crucified, risen and ascended Lord Jesus) has gone back to heave, and yet His work goes forward on earth through His servants whom He has gifted for said work, until He returns and the work is done.


The spiritual significance for us in AD Apprentice is substantial:

  • There are false servants who see the Master as a “Task Master” who only commands and demands for His own benefit. 
  •  There are foolish servants who occasionally opt to “sit it out.”  That is at times we refuse to risk for the kingdom and are hesitant to act.  Yet, the Master has called us to action.
  •  We, faithful servants, see the Master as a generous giver.    A Master who gave The Servant, His Son, our Savior Jesus, for unworthy servants who have perhaps been inactive or apathetic and have maybe even on occasion accused the Master of being unfair or unkind.  Unworthy servants, granted eternal worth in Christ.  Who, through the same Christ have been the Master’s Apprentices.  Called to carry on His work until His return.  Servants who will risk and reach out.  Servants who will risk and see things through the Master’s eyes.  Servants who confess that the intrinsic sanctity of life because it is God’s creation and yet realize that dignity to the living is intentionally given through our action. 


That is the ultimate message of next week’s episode from Matthew 25 “Undercover God.”   

-Pr. Kevin Kritzer


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