Tuesday, October 01, 2019

The Bethany Bullet Sermon Message - Week of September 29, 2019

Sermon: “Renaissance of Soul and Sacred Space”

Sunday we officially dedicated or "Renaissance-d" facility!

While our Renaissance of sacred spaces is nearly (there are still some small touches you'll notice over the next few months) completed; the Renaissance of the soul is ever ongoing this side of heaven.  This is why we have said the greatest Renaissance to which we've pledged ourselves at Bethany is not the renewal of our property, but the renewal of each of us personally!  Thus, at the heart of our Renaissance is a Renaissance of the heart!  A renewal personally, that compels us individually and collectively to be agents of renewal in this community and beyond. 

Such renewal begins as we receive from the Lord.  Jesus loves us and lives for us.  Jesus speaks to us and saves us.  Jesus frees us and forgives us.  Jesus also changes us, He transforms, renews and Renaissance-s us!  On the first Sunday of each month at 6:30 pm we will be focusing on a specific word the Lord has spoken which is part and parcel to our Renaissance!

Renaissance of the Soul Worship
Jesus’ words that change and direct our personal Renaissance will be the focus of our
First Sunday at 6:30PM worship service

Jesus loves us and Jesus lives for us!  Jesus died for us and Jesus rose for us!  Jesus speaks to us and Jesus saved us!  Jesus also CHANGES us!  Jesus transforms us!   That is, He works a Renaissance within each heart that holds Him, and into which He is planted as Lord and Christ. 

Our first FIRST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH EVENING SERVICE is on Sunday, October 6th.  The focus of this service is on “Receiving.”  Receiving and Renaissance go hand in hand. The marble from which Michelangelo carved his David and the canvas upon which Da Vinci painted his Last Supper were recipients of Renaissance work.  After the touch of the master they took form and bestowed beauty upon the world.  So too, our Renaissance begins in a passive nature, as God does His work on us and in us…only after we receive this renewing work will we join Him as He works through us to show others His beauty. 

We will use Jesus’ own words to hear and then “digest” this Renaissance work He would do on, in and through us.  This service, like each fist Sunday service will focus on a “red letter” portion of Scripture in which Jesus addresses the nature of discipleship.  Sunday, October 6th those red letter words will include, “Freely you have received, freely give.”  John 20:22  

Join us Sunday, October 6th—RECEIVING...John 20:22 & Matthew 10:8c

-Pr. Kevin Kritzer


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