Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Bethany Bullet Sermon Message - Week of March 10, 2019

Sermon: “The God Who Sees”

The story of Hagar, recorded in Genesis 16, reveals our God as one "hears" and "sees"!  Our God hears your pleas and praises; He sees your pain and pleasure.  He is neither absent nor isolated.

Of course, in the story at hand He saw and heard those who would distrust His promises, disobey His commands and dismiss the struggles and sorrows of others.  In spite of these actions (sinful as they be) God manifests Himself in physical presence and finds Hagar who’s fled her master. 

Such distrust, disobedience and dismissals are not confined to Biblical characters.  The result is similar too, we often find ourselves fleeing or causing others to do the same.  In spite of our sin, God in Christ does more than manifest His presence momentarily; He becomes a man...eternally.   Following His incarnation, Jesus is and ever shall be Perfect Man and Perfect God in ONE person. 

In His earthly life Jesus becomes the one individual to whom heaven closed its ears and averted its eyes.  The God who "hears" and "sees" and finds the outcast, the refugee, the wanderer, abandons the one He sent, condemns sin and redeems sinners that He might ever "hear" and "see" us, through grace in Christ, as His saints. 
 -Pr. Kevin Kritzer


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