Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Bethany Bullet Sermon Message - Week of November 18, 2018


Hannah is a palindrome.  Like Mom, Dad, Rotator, racecar and wow!  Palindrome: A word that reads the same both forwards and backwards.

Hope Andthe Now…Now Andthe Hope is the entirety of Hannah’s story. 

Hannah’s “now” was filled with pain until the Lord granted her, her supplication.  Suddenly Hannah’s “now” was filled with pleasure that led her to offer God’s gift back to His dedication.  

Read her story in 1 Samuel 1 and you’ll see our lives too can reflect a palindrome pattern if you will; that of Pour ourselves out to God and then Pouring ourselves out for God.  As in our “now” moments of pain we cling to Him as THE source of all hope and in our “now” moments of pleasure we recognize our offerings to Him as sources of Hope to others. 
-Pr. Kevin Kritzer

*Please Note:
The Bethany Bullet will go dark for the weeks of December 23 and December 30. The Bullet will resume the week of January 6, 2019.


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