Tuesday, December 08, 2015

The Bethany Bullet - Week of December 6, 2015

Ad-Venting: When Faithfulness Equals Painfulness

Malachi, in his 3rd chapter, presents a common “vent” among the prophets:  “Who do the righteous suffer and perish, while the wicked prosper and flourish?”

That which is behind the “vent” is the reality that often it proves painful to be faithful. 
a.      Sometimes it is painful to be faithful because obedience comes at a price.  Notice they don’t call sacrifice, smooth sailing for a reason.  STILL BE FAITHFUL!
b.      Sometimes it is painful to be faithful because self-denial hurts.  The Apostles described self-denial with the term crucifying the sinful nature; and crucifixion not only hurts it kills.  YET, BE FAITHFUL!
c.      Sometimes it is painful to be faithful because the prince of this world is still active, and the fallen nature of nature (in general and ours specifically) might lead us to decry or wonder why this or that has happened and at times tempt us to, in prophet like fashion, ponder God’s goodness in the face of bad things.  In such times BE FAITHFUL!
Our Lord Himself was faithful though painful it was.  Betrayed and denied; yet He did not curse but faced Jerusalem.   Falsely accused and unjustly condemned; yet He did not complain.  Beaten, nailed and pierced; yet He did not strike back but endured.  Forsaken and rejected by the One who sent Him; yet He commended Himself into His Father’s hands.  Faithful He was though painful; for our gain!  When painful may we be faithful; for His glory!

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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