Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bethany Bullet - January 13, 2015

An epiphany is a manifestation or a revelation. 

The Season of Epiphany is a display of Jesus’ manifesting and revealing that He is God incarnate.  Through His acts He also presents the power, peace, and presence of God. 

At THE Epiphany however, the day the Magi made it to Bethlehem to offer Him their gifts, it was the Lord’s not THE Lord who did the manifesting.  Or said another way, in His earthly ministry Jesus Himself manifests who He is and how much God loves.  Prior to that ministry’s beginning, at His Nativity and at the Epiphany it is God’s people whom manifest who Jesus is and how much He shows God’s love.  Angels and shepherds who speak and sing, Magi who bow and bring, a Star hung on a string as nature suspends her own laws and let’s one rest over the place where the child lies.  Through these is manifest God’s mercy, is revealed His redemptive purpose, and is presented His power, peace and presence among us.

In that regard, we are or at least ought to be, C & E Christians – that is people who live each day as if it were Christmas (the first one) and Epiphany (the first one).  We are the primary means through which God intends to bring an epiphany to somebody.  As like those before us, we speak and sing, bow and bring, have hung on a string a star (or a cross) over the place where Christ resides (our hearts and homes).  May the Lord lead you to bear witness to who He is and how much He loves.

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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