Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bethany Bullet - November 18, 2014

Bethany Bullet
Advent begins on Sunday, November 30 with our Advent series “When, Lord when?
AAA estimates that approximately 92 million Americans will travel over the “holiday” season.  Anyone who has made such a trip with child(ren) in tow knows the quintessential question every child asks while traveling: “When are we gonna get there?” 

A cursory read of the Scriptures reveals that the faith-life journey of God’s children often results in the asking of this question, “When Lord are YOU gonna get here?”  When, Lord when?  When will you arrive to deliver me/us?  When will you fulfill your promise?  When, Lord when will you make all things right?  When, Lord when? These are the questions we will explore this Advent season.  On Sunday November 30th the question the prophet Isaiah poses is, “When Lord, when will you do as you have done?”

As you join all 2 billion of God’s children on the journey to the Christ child at Christmas don’t detour the path that admits that which you, as His child, have often found yourself on; the path that leads to the question, “When, Lord when?” On that path we find that unlike many a parent, Our Father loves to hear His children’s questions and longs to give the answer that satisfies: Himself as He draws near. 

Midweek Advent Service Wednesday, December 3rd @ 7:00PM
Most of us are familiar with the hymn, “O come, O come, Emmanuel.”  What many of us may be unaware of is that the “O Antiphons” – the title for Christ that begins each stanza present a hidden meaning.  No this isn’t like the conspiracy theories where if you play a record backwards you’ll hear a secret message; though it sort of is when you think about it; when one takes the first letters of the titles for Christ in the antiphons and reads them from right to left in Hebraic fashion they form a Latin acrostic “Ero Cras” which means “I will be (with you) tomorrow” or “I will come tomorrow.”

That is what Advent is all about, the Lord’s imminent arrival.  The basic progression of themes of the O Antiphons can be understood this way: The framer of the Universe (Wisdom) Who gave the Law (Adonai) promised through David’s throne (Radix Jesse) to set free the captives of sin (Clavis David) and bring the Light of salvation to dawn (Oriens) not only on His chosen people but all nations (Rex Gentium) is even now drawing near and soon enough will dwell with us, or more specifically we with Him, eternally (Emmanuel).

These Antiphons, their images and explanations, and their beckoning call to dwell with His people and draw near to that place, His table and altar, where He comes to us in His body and blood, will be the heart of our midweek Advent service on December 3rd this year.

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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