Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bethany Bullet - October 28, 2014

Most of us are familiar with the great memory passage from Philippians 4, “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say rejoice!”  When someone “doubles down” i.e. repeats that which they have just said you know it is important.  

If dad were to say, “Mow the lawn today; again I will say mow!” or mom were to speak, “Clean your room today, again I will say clean!”  If an employer or professor were to clarify, “Tis Due that report tomorrow, again I will say it’s due!”  If a lover were to plead, “Call me later, again I will say call!” and the lawn isn’t mowed, if that room isn’t cleaned, if that report isn’t turned in and the phone never rings, you know what that means!  Someone is in trouble. 

The apostle calls us to “Rejoice” twice he says, “rejoice” NOT because if we don’t we will be in trouble but rather because God, in Christ, has delivered us from trouble; the greatest trouble there is, that of death and eternal separation from God due to sin.

Rejoicing is at the Core of Worship and it is the Cry of the Worshipper

With “joy” we come into His presence in worship and what a joy it is, for through worship we receive that which we need more than anything else in life (God’s favor), renewed for us is that which means more than anything else in the world (God’s friendship) and given is that which is greater than anything else we have to give (our praise).

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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