Monday, September 13, 2010

Bethany Bullet - September 13, 2010

There is a difference between getting a LECTURER and a TEACHER for a class leader. A lecturer works in a manner that is static, a teacher works in a manner that is dynamic.

In Christ’s culture and era, rabbis went out and taught. They found a stump – expounded, reflected, exhorted, and waited for students to return, stick around, and then pledge themselves to the teaching.

Jesus was no ordinary rabbi. He enlisted His students or more correctly His disciples. A disciple is not merely a pupil – for a student is an adherent of what is taught; a disciple is an imitator of the one who is teaching. Unlike other rabbis, Jesus didn’t wait for a class list and then read off the names to see who had enrolled – He called their names and enrolled them – you, Peter, leave the nets; you, Matthew, drop the 1040 form; you, James and John, let you father take care of the family business – you follow me! It is a radical approach to education. This approach He has used on you too. Jesus is your Rabbi and your Teacher. In the waters of Baptism He called your name, made you His own, and then said, now, “Follow me.”

As students go, our GPA’s (grade point averages) are far from 4.0’ers. Over and over again we’ve failed to live the lessons He taught…

  • “Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.” How you doing with that one?

We’ve failed over and over again to complete the tasks assigned…

  • “Love the Lord your God with 100% of everything you got 100% of the time.” Any better there?

Even our citizenship leaves much to be desired…

  • “Love thy neighbor as yourself.” Merit any demerits with that one?

For failing students like us the Teacher Himself was detained before religious and state officials alike, suspended between heaven and earth on a cross, and expelled from the Father’s own presence as He was rejected. In order, He has called us to be His own beloved disciples and then send us.

You are not simply a student of Christ’s, you are His disciple. Students get what the teacher knows, disciples get who the teacher is! He is your Creator, your Savior, Equipper, and Friend; He is your ever present Instructor. A student is devoted to a teaching, cause, or an ideology; disciples are devoted to a person.

You’ve received His CALLING! In Baptism He has called out your name, when faith came alive in you, He called your name – follow me! Faith is not like a semester schedule – there are no breaks, no weekends, no holidays off. Discipleship is 24/7, 365. While there are no grades, salvation is free; discipleship is more expensive than tuition, it requires your life.

For your Teacher sees in His students something they didn’t see in themselves – restored, redeemed, and renewed by GRACE. He sees in them the request ability to change the world, “Go and make disciples.”

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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