Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Day 2!

Good morning Long Beach and beyond, it’s Day 2 of VBS! This is Joshua Trapp, your “Guest Blogger” giving you the Alaska Update.

I’m pleased to report that we had great turnouts at both sites – Big Lake and Pt. Mac on Monday. It was touching to see the VBS youth remember many of the mission team members – whether they came on last year’s trip or even the year before. Even more so, my heart was warmed as many of the missionaries shared “highs” for the day of seeing old faces or making new friends during VBS. It’s awesome to see God at work in the hearts of this team. We are eager to see whom the Lord has in store for us today.

Outside of VBS, our team is growing closer and stronger as we take in the experiences of Alaska. Some of the highlights from the last few days have included a few trips to the wonderful Fred Meyer (as Seth said, the one stop shop for anything from groceries to fishing supplies, or in our case - all the VBS supplies we need.), whiffle ball games in the countless hours of light, and most recently having dinner with old friends that Bethany has made over years of mission trips. This family has opened their hearts and home to our mission team over the last few years – and last night was no exception as they treated all 28 of us with many helpings of lasagna and strawberry rhubarb desert (a new favorite of many).

Please keep in your prayers the Alaskan youth attending VBS, the continued high energy and good health of our team, and the weather that continues to loom with dark clouds but not rain down upon us.


At July 15, 2008 9:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, simply beautiful. Great pictures! I am thrilled to hear and read the updates thus far. I'm there in spirit, team. Keep up the stellar work! With love from NM! :D


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