Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 5 of VBS...

Howdy to Long Beach and Beyond, it's "Guest Blogger Joshua Trapp" posting some pictures to give you a visual of what Seth's been telling you about the last few days.

The first one is from our time at Matanuska Glacier. Quite a spectacular sight to see, an incredible feeling to walk on, and a reminder of God's infinite wisdom in how He designed nature to be.

The next one is a view from the side of the road on our way to visit the abandoned mine in Hatcher's Pass. To say the least, it's quite a refreshing experience to stop and hear the roar of the water, drowning out any clouded thoughts.

And last but not least, family night at VBS. Very delicious pizza (from a gas station none-the-less), a joyful noise of songs, and smiles all around - couldn't have asked for a better evening.

Today is our last day of VBS, with one more day of group bonding activities on Saturday before we head back home to Long Beach. Thank you for all your prayers of strength, and encouragement; they are felt and we're surely grateful for your love.


At July 18, 2008 12:22 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Today as I stopped in the office to p/u some scrip B4 going to the carwash, Mary Fink shared the AK blog site w/me....I haven't had computer access this whole week so I was excited to read about the days and see some great pics.

As I waited for my car, a greeting card caught my eye. Since I can't get you the card in time.... I wanted to share the message on it w/the AK team...

"God Takes Care of Your Dreams"
"Live with Faith and Your Path in Life Will Become Clear."
"As we take our journey thru life, we often wonder what will bring us fulfillment. We have a calling, yet we do not know which way to go. Always remember that true happiness and purpose will be found in relationships with each other and with God. It is often through sharing your gifts and talents that your path in life will become clear. It is when you are "GIVING" that others can see in you that which is known as "YOUR BEST SELF." Pray, be open to guidance, and remember, GOD TAKES CARE OF YOUR DREAMS."

During our very first AK mission trip, I was inspired and found comfort in two words sent to us by Karl Fink,
"Finish Strong."

Serve Christ,
Tamara Cerulle


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