Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Parish Theme-November

On the Road Again...the Journey in Jesus

"As Jesus and His disciples were on their way, He came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to Him." -Luke 10:38

Go ahead and sing it if you want; no one will know: If you ever plan to motor west: Travel my way, the highway that's the best. Get your kicks on Route 66! It winds from Chicago to LA, more than 2000 miles all the way, Get your kicks on Route 66! Now you go through St. Looey...Joplin, Missouri! And Oklahoma City looks mighty pretty. You'll see Amarillo...Gallup, New Mexico. Flagstaff, Arizona: don't forget Winona, Kingman, Barstow, San Bernardino. Won't you get hip to this timely tip: when you...make that California trip. Get your kicks on Route 66!

Do you ever wonder how Jesus got His "kicks"? Don't you wonder how he relaxed? Or, how He got refreshed while on the road?

It was one of His "trips" that He stopped at the home of Martha and her sister, Mary, in the village of Bethany. Now Bethany was just about two miles east from Jerusalem, in an area where Jesus spent much of His time. He and the disciples walked the roads; they stopped and talked, prayed, and Jesus obviously spent much time teaching all those who would listen. In fact, at this particular time, he had just shared with mane the parable of the Good Samaritan, as he showed them who their neighbor truly was. Now it is time for some rest. Now it is time to be refreshed as His friend's home. Now it is time for Him to get some peace and quiet...and maybe share another life lesson.

Martha, to be sure, had the gift of hospitality. She opened up her home to the Lord. She cleaned, she cooked, she made it very comfortable for Jesus. Is there really anything wrong with that? I don't think so. Jesus definitely needed this place to rest and to be refreshed, for sure. He truly needed this very hospitable place to recline...and then to teach. Mary listened. I guess one of Martha's big mistakes at this particular point was to attempt to get Jesus to chastise her sister; and for what? Martha wanted Jesus to tell Mary to get up, help, and stop listening to Jesus. OOPS! Wrong plan of action, Martha. It might have been better for her to take a break and to be REFRESHED herself by her Lord!

It is a very good thing to be hospitable. It is a very good thing to serve. These are just two of the things that Bethany is about today and what we have been about for over 60 years now. Our theme for the month of November is suggesting that it is OK for the servers to get refreshment from the Master. Pull up a chair to His feet. Sit and listen to His voice, teaching...always teaching. Let the cares and worries of the world take a back-seat on this particular point of the journey. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, provides all of the refreshment we need on every "Route 66" or our life.

-Karl Fink, Minister of Discipleship


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