Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Bethany Bullet-March 6, 2013

Martin Luther wrote, “This world is now so full of disloyalty, disgrace, misery; everyone wants to be his own master, to be accountable to no one and free to blame everyone, doing only the things that please themselves.” It sounds like he was speaking about our world doesn't it? 

We've lived in a world were society has not been honored as it should be, because by nature we’re not honorable any longer. ‘Tis had been the case since that first society (Adam and Eve) was driven from the order of the garden (Eden) and banished into an uncivilized wilderness due to their incivility (that is, lack of honoring God by disobeying His commands).

The command, “Honor your father and mother” and its result of honoring therefore authority itself, commends us to lives of godliness in honoring society by honoring those who have authority over us; and thus we honor the one who bestows such authority to begin, the God who gave the command.  One way to begin a life of such honor is through praying for those in positions of authority. 

Here is such a prayer list.

Son of Mary, bless our homes;
       You Lord grew up in Joseph’s home, though it lacked wealth it knew warmth.
       Make our homes we pray places of warmth and welcome. 
       Equip parents in graciousness and endow them with wisdom and help us to honor You Father by honoring our fathers and mothers.
       Let husbands and wives live honorably towards one another.
       And lead us yourself that we would yield to you so that we might deal with our children and those who are responsible to us with care, dignity, mercy and humility

Good Teacher, bless our schools;
        You amazed the teachers of the Law, and you taught us the way and will of God.
        Yet Lord you learned the word and grew in both wisdom and stature. 
        Let institutions of learning seek first and foremost to teach the truth and care for those who learn rather than feed what chaos wants and cater to that for which worldly standards cry. 
        Bless all teachers and all schools, public and private alike. 
        And in the schools of the church, Lord strengthen students to know the joy of realizing that through those you've appointed to positions of authority they may come to know you as their one true leader and guide.

Son of David, bless our government;
        Make the desire of public servants, public service.
        Help us in turn to hold in high regard those set in positions of authority among us.
        Incline the hearts and minds of those given the authority of state toward your example of servant leadership and may people everywhere be ruled peaceably. In nations Lord where the state is an enemy of the church and your people are put in danger daily because of their confession that you are the One True King grant protection and change the hearts and minds of those leaders, or grant new leaders that your people might live in peace and freedom to worship you. In our nation Lord grant that the continuance of the free course of your Gospel message, the freedom to assemble in worship of you as the one WE always must above and the Only name given under heaven by which we might be saved. And Lord may that Word of truth give direction to the decisions those in positions of authority make for the common good.

Good Shepherd, bless our churches;
        Lord the church is yours, you rule in grace and glory before your own Lord.
        May none in leadership, whether elected volunteers or ordained or commissioned full time servants seek to Lord their position over any other, but let them embrace our equal standing in the body and before you
        And enable your church Lord to give due honor and respect those called and elected to leadership within the church for through such you have chosen to manifest your leadership. 

-Pr. Kevin Kritzer


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