Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bethany Bullet - April 20, 2010

“How to Live a Christian Life without Joining a Commune”

Just imagine if they ran commercials for MVP’s of the faith as they do for MVP’s of the Super Bowl.

“Peter, you’ve fearfully accompanied Christ to the judgment hall, and painfully journeyed with Jesus down the way of the cross; you solemnly ascended Calvary's lonely climb with Christ and mournfully watched His body be laid in a tomb; you’ve experienced the jaw dropping joy of seeing, touching, and hearing the Risen Lord Jesus – what are you going to do next?

I’m not going to tell you yet where Peter goes, as the more important answer to that question is yours.

In reality, you could be the star of such a commercial. You, too, have followed Jesus to the High Priest and then to Pilate; you’ve seen Him stumble under the weight of the cross only to then be nailed upon it; you’ve seen Him breath His last and yield up His spirit; you’ve witnessed Jesus’ corpse be put in a tomb. Then wonder of wonders, jaw dropping joy of joys, you’ve come to know that truth that Jesus is risen. So, I ask you, what are you going to do next???

Peter responded by saying, “I’m going fishing.” Notice what Jesus didn’t do in response to Peter’s answer. Jesus wasn’t so furious at Peter that He said to the waters, “Tumult, be wild.” Jesus was not so disappointed in the disciple’s decision that He said, “Net, may you never produce a catch again.”

So how does this influence our response to the query, “What are you going to do next?” or in other words, “How will you live a Christian Life?”

I think perhaps this text (John 21:1-19) provides us with a few important implications and one vital truth.

Work the Net You Know
Use the gifts, talents, and skills which the Lord has given you to serve Him. Not all are called to go into full time church work, but all work is a calling to serve the Lord of the church. Can you imagine if every Christian spent their time preparing sermons and none prepared meals, or agendas, or portfolios? We might hear better sermons, but we’d be awfully hungry and unprepared and needy. What if no Christians drove squad cars, sat behind the bench, or argued a case in front of it? What if no Christians worked in class rooms, or board rooms, or operating rooms, or waiting rooms; what if none worked on the field, on the screen or on the deck of an aircraft carrier? What if none did what you do? Work the Net You Know trusting that the Lord will provide the catch He desires.

Sail the Sea You are Familiar With
Jesus doesn’t call us to retreat from the world but to engage it. He doesn’t call us to isolate ourselves from daily life but to incorporate Him into it.

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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