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The Bethany Bullet Sermon Message - Week of May 3, 2020

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Psalm of the Day: Psalm 100

Message: “The Shepherd Who Is the Lamb…The Lamb Who Is the Shepherd”

Good Shepherd Sunday finds its textual source in John’s Gospel, Chapter 10 to be precise.  Yet, John’s Gospel begins with the declaration that Jesus is the Lamb of God! Lambs and Shepherds alike both find their ultimate fulfillment in Jesus. 

The images of each, when capturing Jesus are poignant and powerful.  Most likely the majority of us find the image of a lamb settling, peaceful and disarming…that is why, when restlessness keeps people from sleeping they are encouraged to count sheep and not spiders’ right? The picture of a lamb is innocence and harmlessness. When a sacrificial offering, it is also defenseless. THE Lamb of God is an innocent sacrificial victim prepared as a holy offering and yet The Lamb of God is the unquestionable victor! 

In many images we find the Lamb holding His banner high furled in the breeze, red-cross emblazed upon white-field (the colors notating the blood of Christ and the working of the Spirit; the holiness and righteousness of Lamb Himself and the holiness and righteousness that belongs, by grace through faith, to those who comprise His flock and fold). 


The image of our Good Shepherd no less powerful nor poignant.  Jesus the Good Shepherd takes his lamb into His arms or upon His back.  The Good Shepherd with a lamb resting peacefully and lovingly in the crook of His arm or securely and protectively slung cross His shoulders are images I find inviting, intimate and deeply personal.  In these days of distancing and isolating, the promise of being carried in the crook of the Shepherds arm near His heart is poignant. During the pandemic period we find ourselves in, in which fear or anxiety, worries or despair, anger or grief, feeling like it’s all just too much or knowing you have too little are about to overtake you, knowing that ours is a Good Shepherd who promises to take you over His shoulders is powerful

Jesus is the Lamb of God who has given Himself for you and laid down His life on your behalf; Jesus the Lamb of God who has borne your guilt and through whom you’ve been granted grace…that Jesus is your Good Shepherd who knows you and loves you, will bear you and lead you
-Pr. Kevin Kritzer

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