Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Bethany Bullet - Week of August 28, 2016

“Are They Real?”

School started yesterday at Bethany.  The Theme for Lutheran schools this year is, "On the Rock."  Rocks are a natural attraction to school children.  They collect them, skip them cross ponds when possible, and are often told not to throw them lest they break a window or put someone's eye out.

The authors and characters of scripture seemed attracted to them as well.  Jacob slept on one, Moses struck one, and David slung one.  Peter's confession would become one and Jesus himself could have turned some to loaves, sons of Abraham, an applause section.  Yet, He Himself is one, the Living One whom our lives are built on and by whom we are built into the house of God.

Yet, we still live in a world with shaky moorings.  Should health be turned over or relationships crack, should your financial resources become as dry as a stone or your burdens heavy as a boulder, should a pebble sting your sole or a landslide seek to crush your soul, you shall nevertheless ROCK...Rest On Christ (He's) King.

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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