Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bethany Bullet - June 23, 2015

Mark 4 records one of the more intriguing events in the life of the disciples.

During a storm on the sea the disciples cried out to Jesus, "Don't you care that we are about to die?"

Now these words aren't the intriguing event of which I referred to earlier.  Though the cry of the disciples does indicate that they knew Jesus knew what they were going through even when asleep; they also show how the disciples believed that Jesus had the ability to rectify the situation.

However immediately after Jesus awakes and tells the storm to cease the disciples ask, "Who is this that even wind and wave obey?"

Now, if in fact the disciples knew that Jesus knew about their need and if they believed Jesus could deliver them why did they ponder, who He was to do that which they knew He could do when they went to Him?

This account is recorded early in the Gospels; early in the disciple‚Äôs spiritual formation and faith relationship to Jesus.  Had Jesus fallen on His knees, quoted an Old Testament passage about how God had exercised His power over water in the past and then asked Him to do as He had done, had Jesus even just looked up to heaven rather than staring at the sea as He said, "Quiet be still." would the disciples still have wondered, "Who is this?"

I don't think so.  This was when they really understood who He was/is; and it is a startling thing indeed to realize that the God to whom you cry is with you in your "boat".
-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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