Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bethany Bullet - May 19, 2015


In John’s Gospel our Lord’s final conversation with His disciples turns into His lengthiest conversation with His Father, which we are privileged to hear.  Jesus, knowing the world is a dangerous place prays that His Father would keep us safe!  History, experience, as well as Scripture, reveal that the dangerous place of this world is often harmful to us.  Hence, one might wonder if Jesus’ prayer goes unanswered.  The answer to that is realizing what it is our Lord is actually praying.  Jesus is praying we be kept safe IN HIM, (in faith and trust) when confronted with that which is dangerous.  In Him there is a safety that covers any injury, infirmity or insecurity we might face “IN” the world.

Jesus’ prayer continues as He prays that we would be “sanctified.”  That is that we would be hallowed, holy, called out and thus “NOT OF” the world.  This is a prayer for the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives.  By nature we are fallen, broken and corrupt like the world rendered un-whole through Adam’s sin.  Unless God makes us whole and holy there is no hope that sanctified we would be.  Jesus is praying for the Spirit’s working in your life and since baptism, or the day you came to faith, that work has continued.  Though not complete, you are not what you used to be and thus you are “Not Of” this world any longer.

Perhaps the hardest part of this prayer is the words that come next.  Jesus doesn’t simply pray that everyone become holy immediately, He doesn’t pray that the world be new instantaneously, He doesn’t ask that we be transported to heaven miraculously upon conversation, He instead sends us to this world that is NOT OF us and dangerous for us while there IN.  Jesus sends us “TO” this world.  That we might pray for it and that we might become the answers to His prayers on its behalf.  #InNotOfTo

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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