Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bethany Bullet - April 14, 2015

We label Thomas as a doubter, but in reality he is also demander! 
I won’t unless! 
Only if He does ‘x’ will I do ‘y’! 

Thomas is king of the ‘IF’
If He’ll…then I’ll!

Have you ever made demands on God?  Ever challenged the collective testimony of His flock?  Even when all the evidence goes against you, when all the confessions challenge your version  –  have you still found yourself clinging to your position and demanding God jump through your hoops?  Have you ever given God an “if”, “then” proposition?  If so…then you are in good company.

Note Jesus didn’t give in to Thomas’ demands.  But He did meet Thomas where Thomas was; and while He won’t give in to our demands, He will meet us where we are at!  The Lord does not require that we come to Him; rather He who came to us in the flesh, who journeyed to the cross on our account, comes to us in our doubting and demanding with His commanding love and mercy. The One who ROSE and still RISES UP to forgive our wrongs and enable us to admit we’ve been wrong.

The Resurrection Life begins with so doing, Rising Up and admitting our guilt and receiving God’s greater grace; the grace for which Thomas was desperate.  Jesus knew what Thomas was going through!  He knew the turmoil and the tempest that was raging inside of him.  Jesus came to THEM (so records John) but I know where His eyes were directed and for whom He had come.  Looking directly at Thomas Jesus says, “Peace be with you!”  True confession is to be met with true mercy in the body of Christ.  Even as true mercy in Christ comes to those who rise up to admit they’ve been wrong for that is at the heart of the Resurrection Life.

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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