Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bethany Bullet - February 24, 2015

As breath is to the body, so prayer is to the spirit. 
May we breathe deeply ‘O God.

Jesus taught His disciples to pray, "Our Father".

The word Father tells us that:

A.      God loves us.
If you ever wondered if God cared about you, knew you, thought of you etc. the word Father proves that; though He is the Sovereign, Eternal, Holy Creator of the Universe, the imminent God enthroned in glory and majesty He desires to have an intimate, personal, relationship with you His dear child and He your own Father.

B.      God wants you to come to Him with confidence and without fear. 
Even as a parent wants their children to feel they are able and welcome to come and ask; so too, God would have us view Him.

C.      God delights in your company.
Prayer is an invitation to enter the throne room of God.  The place where saints and apostles, prophets and martyrs reside is where you too are welcome.  For He who has drawn near to you, in Jesus, wants you to draw near to Him in Jesus’ name.

D.      That prayer is more than merely a means of presenting our requests to God; it is a means to pursuing our relationship with Him.

For by this Word, Father, God would tenderly encourage us to believe that He is our true Father and we are His true children, so that we may ask Him confidently with all assurance, as dear children ask their dear Father.

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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