Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bethany Bullet - January 21, 2015

Pick a Gospel, any Gospel.  

Read two or three chapters and one thing, perhaps more, but at least one thing will become crystal clear.  That thing?  Jesus' life was crazy busy.  His practice…was time with God faithfully.  When the record shows His days were busier and crazier, the chances increase all the more that the author also ties in a recording of a subsequent or consequent event: "Jesus went off alone to pray."

Personal time with God in prayer, meditation, and reflection is, at least by some including unfortunately me, too often sacrificed to the craziest, busiest of days.  Yet, for our Lord apparently it was essential in the carrying out of the crazy busy.  

Will it not bless us as it did our Lord?  Do we need it any less than Him?

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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