Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bethany Bullet - September 30, 2014

God at Work FOR us is the dominion of ALONE!   We are saved by grace ALONE!  On account of faith in Christ ALONE!  Without any work or merit of our own… i.e. (Christ’s work alone)

However, God at Work IN us and THROUGH us is the territory of TOGETHERNESS!  Such has been the case since the garden when God so declared that it was “not good for man (i.e. us) to be alone.”

You might live completely on your own, you might work were no one else draws a pay-check, you might make your way to church by yourself, but we simply can’t do life alone. We weren’t made to try and we’re called into the company of God’s community!

Even though relationships can be messy and congregational meetings can be feisty, we are made to operate within community.  From our families, to our neighborhood, from our places of employment and instruction, to our congregation the Lord has chosen to God IN us most often THROUGH others; and conversely He has chosen to work IN others THROUGH us! 

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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