Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bethany Bullet - May 28, 2013

We’re not always able to say, “Always.”

Need proof?

Well…is ‘always’ the first response that comes to mind with the following questions?  
·         Sermons are too short? 
·         I avoid temptation? 
·         God feels so close? 
Did you say ‘always’ to any of them? 

We’re not always able to say, ‘always’; nor are we always able to fulfill the ‘always’ that we speak.
·         Sometimes always means, as long as I am able
·         Sometimes always means, best intentions being what they are
·         Sometime always means, as long as I feel like it

We’ve just celebrated the festival of Pentecost and prior to it the festival of the Ascension. It was immediately before these events that Jesus made this promise, “I am with you ALWAYS to the very end of the age.”  It wouldn’t be long thereafter that the disciples would separate and scatter across the globe. Before long they would face discouragement and isolation, punishment, or execution. Yet with each of them (and to each of them), INDIVIDUALLY NOT MERELY COLLECTIVELY Jesus FORCEFULLY promised His presence, ALWAYS. I will be with you ALWAYS. Jesus is able to say always and able to fulfill the always that He speaks. That means Jesus won’t change His mind or alter His emotions!  And He won’t promise that which He can’t deliver. 

That means you will never hear Jesus say,
·         “Sorry but…” 
·         “Well I did the best I could.” 
·         “I tried.”

That which He says He’ll do, He’ll do!  ALWAYS!  He is with you always in all ways.  Whether in the delivery room or the operating room, whether welcoming a new member to the family or burying the patriarch thereof, at graduation or promotion – in failure or a firing, whether you get the word your finally cured or you receive the news that there is nothing else that can be done; in ALL WAYS he is with you ALWAYS. 

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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