Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bethany Bullet - February 19, 2013

The TEN (Commandments that is) were spoken, grammatically speaking to commend us. That is as indicatives in the original. These words were given as natural results flowing from the redeeming act of God’s mighty deliverance and thus were intended to show us to be who we are as the redeemed people of God. Yet, practically speaking they condemn us as the fallen children of Adam and Eve who fail to do that which ought to be natural. Having condemned us for our sin, they drive us to our Savior who again out of grace says, “I am the LORD your God who has redeemed you.”

That is why Martin Luther talked about the second and third use of the Law.  (We’ll leave the first use for later on.) 

For today, let us understand what The TEN intended (in their original grammatical presentation in Hebrew), to commend us to lives that reflect who we are by what we do in relationship to whom God is and what He has done on our account. That is what was termed third use of the Law. Yet, in their practical implications, because in our living we have failed in both deed and desire; and discussion show ourselves to be holy, as the Lord is holy.  Hence…The TEN condemn us for lives that don’t reflect righteousness but show us to be fallen, frail, and frightful messes. That is what is termed the second use of the Law.

Whether in their indicative construct (third use) or their imperative (second use); The TEN are not a ‘HOW TO’ manual on salvation. As imperatives they serve to show us WHY we need to be saved, WHY we need to be forgiven. As indicatives they reveal HOW the redeemed are to live. In both cases the saving and forgiving is up to God to do. It is His action, His deliverance, His forgiveness that makes us His.

As His people, The TEN will commend us to lives of godliness and before long they will condemn us because of our ungodly words, wants, or works.  Condemned of sin we will be driven to Him, the One who has redeemed us as His own and the cycle continues.  It is the perfect season for this cycle.  Lent is the perfect time to see our Lord, in His earthly life and ministry, fulfill and keep completely the Commandments of God on our behalf.  For us, Jesus kept the Law in His doings, discussions and desires and then in His demeaning, dying, and defying of the grave He has accomplished our redeeming; and as the redeemed people of God we are commended through The TEN to live for Him. . . 
-Pastor Kevin Kritzer

THE TEN schedule is...
Feb. 17   Exodus 20             The TEN: Therefore
Feb. 20   Exodus 20:3-6      The TEN: There can be Only One
Feb. 24   Exodus 20:7          The TEN: I Am
Feb. 27   Exodus 20:8-11    The TEN: The “Rest” of the Week
Mar. 3    Exodus 20:12        The TEN: Honors Society
Mar. 6    Exodus 20:13        The TEN: Murder He Re-Wrote
Mar. 10  Exodus 20:14        The TEN: 1 + 1 = 1
Mar. 13  Exodus 20:15        The TEN: Take it or Leave it?
Mar. 17  Exodus 20:16        The TEN: To Tell the Truth
Mar. 20  Exodus 20:17        The TEN: Covet Contentment


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