Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bethany Bullet - February 12, 2013

*Note: click on the link above to read the Holy Gospel account of The Transfiguration.

St. Luke’s record of The Transfiguration shares much in common with his fellow evangelists. All of them capture a Holy Conversation. In fact a conversation between the holy; that is, the Holy One of Israel speaks with the Holy God who sent Him. The Holy One is met by a pair declared holy through faith and then confirmed in their holiness in heavenly glory.

Could we begin to see our conversations with the Lord (that is, our prayers) in the same manner? Is it possible for us with eyes of faith to see that every time we engage the Holy One in Holy Conversation, every time we go off to pray, whether that is…
·         with our rump on the pew or our head on the pillow,
·         or in a time set aside like a retreat, a regular gathering, or at the kitchen table,
·         or it may be part of a daily routine or unexpectedly when we take a moment for such in a hospital room, classroom, or board room…
EVERY TIME we engage the Holy One in conversation (whether it is on the mountain top of praise & thanksgiving or in the valley of bitter pain & desperate plea) the God of radiant glory is Himself PRESENT. 

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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