Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bethany Bullet - October 16, 2012

Sharing Intentionally

It has been said the church is always one generation away from extinction. Of course, the church’s existence and continuance is the providence (i.e. due to the operation) of the Holy Spirit.  Yet, the Spirit who works through means of Word and Sacrament is the same Spirit who works through the means of witnesses and sent-ones. Jesus, just prior to His ascension, in fact, sent the disciples to be witnesses through whom the Spirit might work faith and life in individual hearts thus bringing and breathing new life into the church. 

Sharing Intentionally is the acceptance of the premise that through the witness of people like us is one of the ways the Holy Spirit has determined to bring faith to life and grant growth to the church.

Sharing Intentionally does not require you know every point of doctrine, let alone explain it. Sharing Intentionally does not mean that you can answer each potential question that might be asked. Sharing Intentionally only means that you accept the premise that you are a “means” through which the Spirit can work or strengthen faith and that you accept that part of discipleship. 

Perhaps embracing James’ directive to be slow to speak and quick to listen can actually help us Share IntentionallyHow can we better share our faith in intentional ways? How about starting by asking God to place people on your heart and mind who need to hear the Good News? Then ask Him to help make you aware when the “door is open” so to speak. Next be quick to listen. Hear people as they talk about fears and frustrations, hurts and hopes, pains and pressures and simply bring the One who has the answers into those situations and let Him speak and do His thing.
-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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