Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Bethany Bullet - June 8, 2011


Maybe when you hear those words, you hear the tune by The 5th Dimension


Perhaps you hear the Man of Steel?

There is that sappy love song about relaxing, escaping, and watching the world spin round with an up, up and away cry. Then there is that burst into action cry, “Up, up and away” of Super Man that aims to keep the world from spinning off its axis.

There are some who think of Jesus’ Ascension in a 5th Dimension mode. When they hear one say, “Up, up and away” as Jesus returns to heaven; they are drawn to think of Jesus having accomplished His mission on earth. Remember from His own lips He has said “It is finished.”

There are others who think of Jesus’ Ascension in Superman style. When they hear one cry, as Jesus heads to the sky, “Up, up and away” they are drawn to the passages which speak of Jesus now interceding for us at the right hand of God.

While one’s thoughts could rightly turn to either set of texts…

The words “Up, Up & Aweigh” are not intended to cause you to think of Jesus’ location at His Ascension but ours.

The church, as Jesus Ascends is called to go into the world.
We are told to be ‘aweigh’; to raise anchor and leave the safer harbor of being with Jesus in person and go into the rougher waters of taking Jesus to people.

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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