Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bethany Bullet - November 30, 2010

Regardless of creed, this is a season of getting things ready.

  • When someone is balancing precariously on the ladder affixing the lights on the highest part of the roof line or tree top, taking their life into their hands; they are getting things ready.
  • As shoppers hit the mall at 4:00 a.m. for door buster deals and taking their lives into their hands; they are getting ready.
  • When the house smells like a bakery, your favorite radio station sounds like a hymnal, and light poles along city streets/parking lots suddenly dawn candles, trumpeters, or an occasional angel; it is all because things are getting ready.

This is a season for we who are the body of Christ to get ready as well. What is it that we are getting ready for? We are to be ready to greet the Lord ourselves and ready to present the Lord to others; such is the “ready-ing” that needs to occur this Advent season.

+ It is time to be ready to once again greet the Lord, as in years gone by, as the humble newborn babe of Bethlehem resting on the hay.

+ It is time to be ready to greet the Lord as never before, the triumphant all-powerful Ruler of the universe and Judge of mankind riding on the clouds.

+ Advent is a time for us to get ready to greet our helpless Brother laid in a manger and as our Almighty Father ruling on His throne.

Yet, Advent isn’t only about being ready to greet Him ourselves but also being ready to present Him to others.

  • Whether as divine messengers such as prophets and angels,
  • Whether as in bit-part scene players like shepherds and Magi,
  • Whether as mom, dad or cousin (i.e. Mary, Joseph, & John the Baptist),
  • Whether as a complete stranger (i.e. Simeon and Anna),
  • Or whether as dearest friends (i.e. Peter, John, & Paul);

God presents Himself, His appearing, His arriving, His ADVENT – to the world through the church. More plainly put, God presents the message about His presence, love, and purpose to the people of this planet through HIS people on this planet – that being us!

So, be ready to greet Him, yourself, again and anew (Romans 13:11-12) and be ready to present Him to others (I Peter 3:15).

Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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