Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bethany Bullet - July 21, 2010

We broadcast our children’s academic accomplishments on the bumpers of our cars and their athletic achievements on the windows of the same. We broadcast the accomplishments of the team we root for on banners flown from our porches or on t-shirts worn proclaiming the championships gained. We broadcast our educational accomplishments by hanging degrees on our office walls and listing titles on business cards. We broadcast our economical accomplishments simply by revealing what they have enabled us to own. We broadcast our grandchildren’s accomplishments with billfolds full of pictures or pins worn on the lapel. We are familiar with broadcasting accomplishments.

Paul encourages us to remember that accomplishment which is most vital and significant in our lives – God’s accomplishment in Christ. So go ahead and BRAG and broadcast regularly the accomplishments of God: from His deliverance from sin & death in Jesus’ cross & resurrection - to deliverance from substance or sickness, fear or frustration.
Regularly the
Accomplishments of
From His promise of a heavenly dwell to His dwelling with you in loneliness or through the company of saints at church or a godly spouse at home.

Broadcast Regularly the Accomplishments of God!

-Pastor Kevin Kritzer


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