Monday, October 10, 2005

Parish Theme-October

“While he was still a long way down the road, His father saw him and was filled with compassion.” Luke 15:11-32

Have you ever paced the floors awaiting the sound of the car door? Have you ever found yourself looking out the front window every few minutes wondering when “they” were going to arrive? Waiting for a loved one to return from the daily journeys of work or school, or the life changing journeys of a military deployment or that first relocation away from the family can be painful. The father of the prodigal son knew what it was to pace and to peek, to wait and to worry.
The word prodigal has several meanings. One of its synonyms is wasteful another excessive. Both are true of the boy in our story. “He squandered his money on parties and prostitutes and playthings.” (Lk. 15:13) In one sentence he proves to be both wasteful and excessive. There was nothing he didn’t try and there was nothing left when he was finished. Yet, his father yearned for his return and awaited his arrival.
How did he know he was coming home? He didn’t know. He merely hoped he was. The Father of humanity does the father in the story one better. He not only longs for His children to make it home, he goes out to get them. In His Son, He walks down the road away from His home. In His Son, He walks up the road of Calvary where for sins of excess and waste He suffers and dies.

This month the Parable of the Prodigal is the text for our Parish Theme, “On the Road Again. . .the Journey in Jesus.” We too are called to be “on the look out” for lost and wandering brothers and sisters, sons and daughters that the too might receive a Father’s welcome.

-Pastor Kritzer


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